The Mission of EHI

is to empower youth toward successful lives through the use of equine-assisted growth, educational programs, and wellness activities. Our equine-assisted therapy, horsemanship training, and academic programming build leaders, deter destructive behavior and increase academic achievement in youth.

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RUSTY, the Horse who never stops Giving... 

RustygivingHadiat Min Alssahra' aka “Rusty” came to us in 1980 at age 9 - a high energy, half Arabian, half Quarter Horse Blue Roan Gelding with the moves, looks and style of an Arab. In his youth, Rusty traveled the U.S. with Ebony Horsewomen, appearing in the Tournament  of Roses Parade (Pasadena, CA), The Martin Luther King Parade (Atlanta, GA), and the P.T Barnum Parade - just to name a few.

 Rusty has served us dutifully for years, providing hundreds of riding lessons to our  children.  Even after developing a benign throat tumor at age 17, Rusty didn't slow down -- He just  kept GIVING!

In 2015, Rusty retired at age 35. Today, you can find him happily roaming EHI’s grounds greeting visitors and eating like a horse! 

If you are like us at the Ebony Horsewomen Equestrian and Agricultural Center, you enjoy helping improve your community through giving, healing, education, helping the environment, and offering a safe space for youth and animals to thrive. 

We encourage you to get involved with the work Ebony Horsewomen is doing and learn more about how you can make a difference. We could not do the work without your continuous support.

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Founded in 1984

Ebony Horsewomen was founded by Patricia Kelly in 1984. This was the first African-American female equestrian organization of its kind in America. The organization is a full-service equestrian and agricultural youth development organization operating 7 days a week and changing the culture of inner-city and urban youth to equestrians and cowboys. The powerful impact of this organization has been experienced for over 29 years as it continues to develop a legacy of success and accomplishments in the youth and community it serves.

In the last 29 years...

- We established ourselves as the leading day camp provider for children aged 7-18
- We launched additional activities and courses
- We developed a strong reputation by constantly focusing on what parents and youth want
- We create an environment which encourages youth to thrive, learn and develop while making friends and having fun

Programs And Organizations That Refer Youth To Our Programs