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In addition to offering Equine-assisted therapy and Equine assisted-learning, Ebony Horsewomen, Inc. also provides Therapeutic Riding and Therapeutic un-mounted lessons.

Equine-assisted therapies are applied through understanding how trauma, familial histories, culture, socio-economic status, and many other factors impact an individual. Humans are not isolated and the challenges which they endure should not be secluded either. Equine Assisted Therapies take these factors into consideration and offer treatment in a non-traditional manner.

Historically, people of color who sought out therapy were often pathologized, overmedicated, placed in psychiatric facilities rather than outpatient settings, and were exposed to the insensitive treatment. There is also an embedded philosophy that going to an “outsider” to discuss problems is frowned upon and should not be done. These are only a few factors that make it difficult for a person of color to take that giant step to accept that they need therapy. The inclusion of a horse into therapy prevents clients from feeling as though they must be guarded with the therapist and will often lead them to willingly engage in treatment at a faster rate than in traditional talk therapy. Horses are nonjudgmental; they are not seeking to diagnose someone, only to build a healthy, positive and mutually beneficial relationship.

There are many parallels and metaphors that enter therapy when utilizing horses as partners. Horses are herd animals and feel more comfortable and safe when together in large groups. In many cultures, it is the norm to stay close to family and there is a strong importance held to community and a feeling of togetherness. The therapist can bring this parallel to light through observation and activities with the horses as well as assist the client in processing his/her feelings around it.

Utilizing horses also brings a very elementary metaphor to living within a community. Horses live in a herd of many horses of different breeds and sexes, and they live in peace with one another. Clients begin to have these conversations regarding society and how to emulate this type of mutuality within their own societies and communities. The culturally competent therapist will assist clients in processing this and utilizing the horses as great role models in how to live with each other even though they all have different backgrounds, traits, and experiences.

Therapeutic Riding is the use of horses and equine-assisted activities to achieve goals that enhance physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral and educational skills for people who have disabilities. Therapeutic riding; mounted or ground activities are provided to help cultivate academic achievement, physical fitness, athleticism and recreation and, more importantly, to help maintain mental health and wellness and to relieve stress.
Ebony Horsewomen offers private and group therapeutic riding sessions for children and adults which includes emotional, behavioral, cognitive and educational skill therapies along with speech and language, occupational and physical therapies, all of which are directed by our diverse staff and licensed Clinical Social Worker and PATH Intl Instructor, dedicated staff, and well-qualified volunteer.

We welcome people from all walks of life, all ages, and from all backgrounds--whether you're a youth, teacher, mental health facility or advocate, hospital worker, first responder, veteran, or corporation looking for an enriching team-building exercise--to experience our unique equine therapy and equine-assisted learning programs!

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