Our Team

Patricia E. Kelly, Founder, President/CEO, and Head Riding Instructor. The CEO of the organization for the past 30 years, Patricia Kelly is a trained equestrian instructor with over 37 years of experience. Mrs. Kelly is a certified Urban Riding Instructor, Master Urban Riding Instructor, and a certified Equine Husbandry Instructor. Patricia is also certified in Equine Assisted Growth, Learning and Therapy as a Horse Specialist by EGALA as well as in horse safety, CPR, and First Aid. Mrs. Kelly is also a former United States Marine and leads keynotes, workshops, and seminars in equine-assisted therapy and psychotherapy, food justice, and advocates for the mental health and wellness in youth.  

Dominique Bourgeois: Programs Director and Assistant Riding Instructor and a successful alumnus of our program, Ms. Bourgeois is also certified by the UCONN Animal Science Department in Equine Safety, certified as an Associate Riding Instructor and maintains certification in CPR and First Aid. Dominque oversees and helps coordinate Ebony Horsewomen's youth programs. 

Hilary Riel:  Assistant Financial Manager. Hilary has an extensive background in medical billing and financial structures through most national insurance companies. 

Tiffani Jones: Media Coordinator/Social Media Manager. Tiffani has an experienced background as a writer, copywriter, editor, and social media manager and coordinates Ebony Horsewomen's social media presence, most media-related inquiries, and creates compelling and dynamic content that sustains awareness about Ebony Horsewomen, Inc. and its programs, activities, and events. 
Beckett & Associates, Glastonbury, CT Dr. Stewart Beckett is the licensed Veterinarian consultant for all Ebony Horsewomen's livestock. 

Chaz Carroll: Supervisor of the Ebony Horsewomen Junior Mounted Patrol Program and Patrol Unit.