EHI Community Resource Center

Have Fun, Learn & Connect With Nature

The Community Resource Center offers interactive, engaging equine and animal based youth programs throughout the year.  Situated in historic Keney Park, we’re centrally based for locals and visitors who relish the opportunity to be in nature and learn more about equine care, and participate  in community gardening. 

The EHI Equestrian & Therapeutic Center is centrally located to provide visitors with an array of agricultural and year-round youth programs right in the heart of the Capital City, Hartford, siutated in the beautiful green and woodland splendor design by the late Frederick Olmstead. 

Come learn, ride and heal!


Summer Camp - Where kids come to talk with the animals.

Our Summer Day Camp offers campers full days of safe, fun, animals, horseback riding, culinary arts, fun & fitness training and gardening with field trips every Friday.

Looking for the very best summer camp experience for your child? Well, look no further. Our 8-week summer camp is filled with fun, educational activities, field trips and experiences making new friends.  Nutritious meals for breakfast and lunch are served each day along with mid-day snacks.

Each day starts off with all the campers coming together for a group activity later followed by Camp team activities filled with fun, relationship building, and having fun learning.  Campers develop and improve skills through hands-on activities and skillful instruction, and are encouraged to work within a team while learning new things about others and themselves.  Campers enjoy supervised “downtime” to enjoy a book and healthy snacks. Our camp supports camper’s personal growth of confidence, emotional health, leadership,  self-esteem and learning to respect one another in a nurturing environment. We strongly support and encourage good citizenship, friendliness, honesty, generosity, and camp spirit. 

Culinary Arts
The Culinary Arts is another life skill opportunity for campers to be creative. Our campers who participate in our Culinary Department directed by local chefs. Campers begin with the basics of cooking, measuring and baking and then expand to meal preparation and then exotic and sophisticated dishes. 

Fitness Program
Our fitness program directed by an experienced Fitness, Dance and Yoga Directors engages campers in fun team sports, outside and indoors like volleyball, handball, tennis, trail hiking, dance, and aerobics, while having fun strengthening core muscles and encourage skill development that will promote a lifetime focus on healthy living and wellness. 

Our Fitness Program has 

  • Outdoor Tennis Courts 
  • Outdoor Handball Court
  • Beautiful hiking trails
  • Indoor fitness space for yoga and dance

The Agri-science Department explores agriculture and the wonders of nature and the eco-system as they plant, cultivate and grow organic fruits and vegetables.  They engage in an active hands-on curriculum that introduces the science in agriculture through the process of soil remediation, the important work of worms that help to nourish the soil and the PH factors needed for healthy plants. 

The Agri-Science Activity provides:

  • 3 large organic gardens equipped with an irrigation system
  • 2 Outdoor classrooms
  • 2 indoor classrooms
  • Indoor classrooms with Smart Board Technology
  • 7 species of exotic and domestic animals
  • Keney Park Pond eco-system
  • Keney park 693-acres

Horseback Riding
EHI provides training in the English and western discipline riding programs. We have selected horses that are appropriate for every level of rider. We pay special attention to selecting the right horse for each camper. Caring, certified and trained instructors to guide beginner riders to horse safety and the basics of horseback riding.  Camper's who have more training are evaluated by the instructors so that individual attention can be given to their skill level and help them develop. Small groups of no more than 4 to 5 are provided lessons that are assisted by the instructors and a minimum of three experienced counselors.  This gives campers on every level to enjoy the sport while building their individual skills

The Riding Program provides:

  • Basic riding instructions in the English and Western Discipline
  • Horse Safety
  • Grooming and Tacking
  • 6000 sq. ft. Indoor Arena, 
  • one regulation size show ring
  • One Warm Up Ring
  • Show Barn
  • One round pen
  • 16 trained and experienced horses 
  • 1 Pony 
  • The beautiful 693-acre Keney Park for “in-hand” trail riding



Our Saturday Saddle & 4-H Club is an educational youth development program in which our young participants can expect to learn about a wide array of subjects, including animals, computers, public speaking, cooking, art, gardening, and environmental science. Our program activities encourage community involvement and promote quality life experiences.

4-H Club: 10:00 am -12:00 pm 
Horsemanship Training: 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm 
Horsemanship Lesson Fee: Contact our office for pricing
Ages: 5-16, boys and girls

For more information about the Saturday Saddle & 4-H Club, call (860) 293-2914 and ask to speak with our Programs Director; or email: dbourgeois@ebonyhorsewomen.us


The Junior Mounted Patrol (JMP) Park Rangers

JMP is a unique unit that trains young men to become mounted and un-mounted Park Rangers for Hartford’s historic 693-acre Keney Park.The participants spend many hours training in horsemanship, map reading, navigation, environmental awareness and hospitality. The Unit is made up of young men between the ages of 10 and 24 years old.  

This is a great mentorship program that focuses on public service.

For more information or to enroll in the JMP contact: Chaz Carroll, Unit Supervisor at:  ccarrollehi@gmail.com or call (860) 293-2914



The Young Ladies Dressage Team and Leadership Academy (YLLA)

The Young Ladies Dressage Team and Leadership Academy (YLLA) is a leadership and equestrian program that prepares young ladies for future educational paths and careers through a full range of educational, cultural, leadership and equine/animal husbandry training along with developmental supports geared toward independent thinking and problem-solving. 

The Academy also provides unique experiences and travel within the horse industry as the ladies compete and attend horse shows, the theater, plays, recreational activities and other events throughout the year.

Begins:  September to June each year

Program Days: Tuesday and Thursday: 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

Saturday: 9:30-3:30pm

Ages: Young Ladies between 10-18.

Team program fee: Contact our office for pricing for more information about the Dressage Team and Academy, call (860) 293-2914 and ask to speak with our Programs Director, or email: dbourgeois@ebonyhorsewomen.us


The Young Ladies Dressage Team and Leadership Academy (YLLA)

Extended Day is a comprehensive equine educational program that Promotes Science, Technology Engineering, and Math and Horsemanship.This program provides hands-on, interactive education with live animals. Classes are filled with fun and education.

Program Days: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, 4 pm-6 pm
Ages: 5-16, girls and boys

Program F
ee: Contact our office for pricing
Agency/Clinical Services - Separate Fee